Month: November 2019

What can you do to recruit and retain diverse faculty?

Faculty Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation | Topics in Higher Education

This blog post discusses what specific strategies to implement to transform your college or university’s faculty diversity initiatives into action.

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The best way to approach faculty evaluations

Topics in Higher Education | Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure

This blog posts discusses how colleges and universities should approach faculty evaluations, including what is assessed and what stakeholders to involve.

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What to Expect from the Higher Education Accreditation Process

Topics in Higher Education

What can colleges and universities expect during the higher education accreditation process? What are the common requirements, policies, and and accrediting agencies? software used?

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Everything you need to know about academic tenure

Topics in Higher Education | Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure

What exactly is academic tenure, its history, common issues, and trends? How can higher education institutions streamline the process at their campus?

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Requesting a letter through Interfolio—simplified

Topics in Higher Education | Interfolio's Dossier

We have simplified the process to request a letter of recommendation through Interfolio. Now, it is even easier to use Dossier for all your letters of rec.

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Top benefits of teaching at a community college

Confessions of a Full-Time Adjunct | Community College | Topics in Higher Education

This blog post continues our series exploring community college from the perspective of a full-time adjunct with a look into the hiring process.

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Navigating the academic job market

The Smart Scholar | Topics in Higher Education

In a recent post, Ramon Goings, PhD, continues the series The Smart Scholar with tips for navigating the academic job market.

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