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Notifications in your Interfolio account (to go with the new look)

ByCommittee Faculty Search | ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure | Dossier & Portfolio | Letter Writer | Releases

We’ve added a sleek notifications feature to all Interfolio user accounts! Whether you’re using your account to access ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure, ByCommittee Faculty Search, your personal Dossier account, or Letter Writer, now you’ve got a way to see exactly what’s awaiting your attention. Going hand in hand with notifications, we’ve also repainted the header […]

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User Account Dashboard Gets A New Look (and Dossier, Portfolio, Letter Writer Get A Paint Job)

ByCommittee Faculty Search | ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure | Dossier & Portfolio | Letter Writer | Releases

We’re excited to roll out an updated appearance for our user account dashboard (the home page that displays when a user signs into their Interfolio account) and for our Dossier, Portfolio, and Letter Writer products. For the time being, the changes are only cosmetic—all the same pages retain the same functionality they had before—but they should […]

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Submit recommendations without an account!

Letter Writer | Releases

We’re proud to say we have (at last!) removed a well-known obstacle that sometimes slowed the submission of recommendations to Interfolio. From now on, when you send an Interfolio recommendation request via email, the letter writer will be able to submit their letter in a few simple clicks, without having to sign in or create […]

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New! Resend requests for letters of recommendation

Dossier & Portfolio | Letter Writer | Releases

When you’re applying for academic jobs (many, many jobs with many, many letters of recommendation) it’s not wildly out of the realm of possibility that a letter writer might forget to fulfill a request. But, of course, that leaves you, the applicant, in a pickle: they’re busy, but you need the letter and you’ve already […]

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Fulfillment + Customer Support= Scholar Services!

Company news | Dossier & Portfolio | Letter Writer

When you think of mergers, what do you think of? You probably imagine two huge establishments making agreements over millions of dollars. The merge between the Fulfillment and Customer Support departments at Interfolio is slightly different. In my current role, I’m a Scholar Advocate. Before the merge I worked as part of the Fulfillment team […]

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New Feature: Auto-Attach Letters of Recommendation

ByCommittee Faculty Search | Dossier & Portfolio | Letter Writer | Releases

If you’ve submitted an application through Interfolio’s ByCommittee—that is, you’ve sent materials to an institution receiving applications through Interfolio, rather than another system for job postings—you probably noticed that there are quite a few steps involved in attaching your recommendation letters to your application. Maybe more steps than you first realized. Prior to today, a […]

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Email Deliveries and Their Discontents, Part II: A Solution

ByCommittee Faculty Search | Dossier & Portfolio | Letter Writer

Before the New Year, we published Part I of this series, an effort to make Interfolio’s role in the job application process more transparent. That post explained how we track application deliveries and the steps we’re taking to prevent spam filters from causing delivery issues. If you represent an institution that has experienced spam issues […]

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Online Application Deliveries: If Only We Had the ‘Easy’ Button

Dossier & Portfolio | Letter Writer

We want your Interfolio Dossier account to be a happy place, where you can manage everything in one, convenient place. Unfortunately, external factors sometimes conspire against us, and the rise of a seemingly countless variety of different online application systems in recent years has presented a particularly vexing problem. In many ways, online applications make […]

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Sneak Preview of Our New Letter Writer Interface

Letter Writer

There have been a lot of exciting changes at Interfolio in the past few months, all in the service of our commitment to providing you with an easy way to submit confidential letters of recommendation for your students and colleagues. We know one of your favorite features of Letter Writer is the cost (FREE) and […]

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