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New Branding Feature in ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure!

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Starting today, institutions and organizations using ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure will be able to customize certain aspects of the platform’s appearance to match their own brand, so that a user’s interaction with the ByCommittee environment feels more like interaction with the client institution.

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User Account Dashboard Gets A New Look (and Dossier, Portfolio, Letter Writer Get A Paint Job)

Interfolio Faculty Search | Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure | Interfolio's Dossier | Releases

We’re excited to roll out an updated appearance for our user account dashboard (the home page that displays when a user signs into their Interfolio account) and for our Dossier, Portfolio, and Letter Writer products. For the time being, the changes are only cosmetic—all the same pages retain the same functionality they had before—but they should […]

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Flexible hierarchy release in ByCommittee!

Interfolio Faculty Search | Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure | Releases

A big improvement has come to institutional structure in our ByCommittee platform! In light of recent conversations with institutions using the platform, we have expanded the available hierarchy to accommodate any number of administrative levels—making it possible for even institutions with more distinctive structures to benefit from academic committee support software.

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Submit recommendations without an account!

Interfolio's Dossier | Releases

We’re proud to say we have (at last!) removed a well-known obstacle that sometimes slowed the submission of recommendations to Interfolio. From now on, when you send an Interfolio recommendation request via email, the letter writer will be able to submit their letter in a few simple clicks, without having to sign in or create […]

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New! Resend requests for letters of recommendation

Interfolio's Dossier | Releases

When you’re applying for academic jobs (many, many jobs with many, many letters of recommendation) it’s not wildly out of the realm of possibility that a letter writer might forget to fulfill a request. But, of course, that leaves you, the applicant, in a pickle: they’re busy, but you need the letter and you’ve already […]

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New: Combined Reports feature in ByCommittee Faculty Search!

Interfolio Faculty Search | Releases

Administering faculty searches across an institution can be daunting—not only do you have to consider the logistics of the search process itself, but you also have keep up with data about applicants and positions across your institution, in every division and department. We’ve heard from our administrative users that finding meaningful patterns that span the […]

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New ByCommittee Template Feature and Agile Development

Company news | Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure | Releases

If you’re a ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure user and have been setting up new case after new case for reviews at your institution, then you’re in luck. We just made that process much simpler with the addition of easy-to-use templates for setting up future promotion, tenure, or review cases. The ability to create a template […]

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New Feature: Auto-Attach Letters of Recommendation

Interfolio Faculty Search | Interfolio's Dossier | Releases

If you’ve submitted an application through Interfolio’s ByCommittee—that is, you’ve sent materials to an institution receiving applications through Interfolio, rather than another system for job postings—you probably noticed that there are quite a few steps involved in attaching your recommendation letters to your application. Maybe more steps than you first realized. Prior to today, a […]

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