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Team: Engineering

Andrew Allen

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Nikolay Latkin

Nikolay was originally born in Uzbekistan, and raised in Russia. According to Nikolay, he is a “living a dream life in the USA.” He joined Interfolio in early 2019 as a QA Automation Engineer on the Engineering team, and has over 6+ years of quality assurance engineering experience. 

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Ali Anderson

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Christina Chatham

Working remotely from Atlanta as a full stack software engineer.

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Daniel Zajic

A Canadian (born), Czech (raised), and American (schooled, married), Daniel has been working with Ruby on Rails since 2006. He believes in KISS and taking an evolutionary approach to problem solving in all areas of life. In his spare time, you’ll find him renovating an 1893 Victorian, helping protect local wilderness, and pushing the world […]

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Michael Haselton

[Bio coming soon]

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Andrew Goss

Andrew joined the Interfolio team to help advance a data-driven culture. As a data engineer, he is focused on bringing together disparate data sources and empowering end users to uncover key insights that tell a bigger story. Before Interfolio, Andrew worked as a data engineer at a large ad agency in Boston, MA.

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Brady Ford

After graduating from AB-Tech, Brady started his career doing freelance e-commerce work. He loves staying up-to-date on the newest tech and integrating it wherever he can in his projects. Brady joined the Interfolio team in early 2018 and loves working on a service for educators. Outside of work, you’ll likely find him doing yoga, baking/cooking, […]

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Brad Moore

Joined Data180 in late 2005 to help develop technical solutions for academia. Now, as part of Interfolio, with over a decade of experience, and a focus on back-end web development, Brad continues to utilize modern technologies to accommodate institutional needs for faculty reporting.

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Toby Holmes

Often mistaken as English, South African, or even from Boston, Toby is a self taught developer who has done a wide variety of different things throughout his life. From leading teams at Apple, to working for underfunded startups, to playing in bands, he joined Interfolio in the summer of 2017.

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