Team: Product

Michael Bishop, Ph.D.

Besides his duties at Interfolio, Michael is also lead singer for the rock band GWAR. After working in music for many years, Michael earned a Ph.D in the subject from the University of Virginia, where he taught for several years. Today, he coordinates training and writes copy for Interfolio while touring as the lead singer […]

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Julie Lundy

Since joining Interfolio 5 years ago, Julie has worn many hats: Marketing, Sales, Account Management and now New Product Research. In her current role, she combines the skills she has learned to explore new products through feedback and deliberate research conversations with clients in order to inform Interfolio’s product strategy. Julie is a true extrovert, […]

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Laurie Tapia

Laurie joined Interfolio as part of the support team where she answered phones and emails. In talking to our users, she gravitated towards identifying and solving problems that could improve the experience of people interacting with the product. Now, Laurie spends her time designing and testing changes that impact the experience of our users. She […]

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Jack Gaynor

Jack started at Interfolio many moons ago during his senior year at The George Washington University. He hasn’t looked back since. He’s put time in with nearly every part of the company, before finding his current home on the Product Team. Proof that there’s always hope for an English major.

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Erin Mayhood

Erin imagines a world where faculty feel supported, respected, and free to have the impact on students and research that they have worked so hard to achieve. Following 8 years in higher education as an information scientist and UX specialist at University of Virginia and Boston University, Erin joined Interfolio’s efforts to build thoughtful, well-designed […]

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Ben Wang

Ben is responsible for discovering new ways Interfolio can serve faculty and Institutions through technology. Prior to joining Interfolio, Ben led Product and User Experience for EAB, a division of the Advisory Board Company, an industry leader in advancing student success through innovative technology. Ben holds a B.S. in economics and computer science from Duke […]

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