Team: Product

Emilia Kubo Kirschenbaum

Emilia is an experienced product manager with a background in administering complex web and mobile applications. Her extensive experience managing the entire development lifecycle—from requirements creation to deployment with internal and third-party development teams—makes her unfazed by sometimes daunting projects. She holds a BS in Business and Economics from Lehigh University.

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Steve MacKley

Steve Mackley is the UX Lead responsible for the user experience and design practice for Interfolio and its SaaS products. He is an experienced UX and design professional with deep expertise in both B2B and consumer facing applications. His experience blends the art and science of design seeking balance between the two. Prior, Steve worked […]

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Michael Bishop, Ph.D.

I have been at Interfolio since 2013. I work from all over the world, but love to come in and work with my friends at the office. I also sing for the band GWAR and work as a music producer, composer, and professional session musician playing the bass guitar.

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Laurie Tapia

Laurie joined Interfolio as part of the support team where she answered phones and emails. In talking to our users, she gravitated towards identifying and solving problems that could improve the experience of people interacting with the product. Now, Laurie spends her time designing and testing changes that impact the experience of our users. She […]

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Jack Gaynor

Jack started at Interfolio many moons ago during his senior year at The George Washington University. He hasn’t looked back since. He’s put time in with nearly every part of the company, before finding his current home on the Product Team. Proof that there’s always hope for an English major.

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