Ask a candidate: a great dossier isn’t built in a day

Ask a Candidate | Topics in Higher Education | Interfolio's Dossier

You might have entered grad school feeling like a professional in your field already. Or you may have come in with little idea of what you wanted to do at the end of your program. Either way, your eventual job market experience will be much easier if you start building your portfolio of application materials sooner, rather than later.

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WEBINAR | Dossier Packs: How career centers and departments can help students on the academic market

Webinars | Interfolio's Dossier

We’ve just put out a new free webinar explaining how career centers and academic graduate departments can help their students easily deliver confidential letters and application materials anywhere—and get a discount.

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Interfolio’s Dossier Deliver: a philosophical shift to support the scholar

Interfolio's Dossier | Releases | Company news

As of today, we have remade Interfolio’s Dossier product for individual scholars into a more valuable offering that includes both free and premium versions—making Dossier more affordable for the majority of candidates on the job market.

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WEBINAR | Bryn Mawr College + Interfolio | June 29

Webinars | Interfolio Faculty Search | Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure

Our series on faculty technology at liberal arts colleges, begun in April with the Consortium for Faculty Diversity, continues this month with two members of the Provost Office at Bryn Mawr College. They’ll speak about the benefits of using Interfolio for both faculty hiring and advancement processes. 

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Beyond P&T: Using Interfolio for Annual and Periodic Faculty Reviews

Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure | Releases

Tenure is, surely, the most visible and consequential formal academic review that a college or university faculty member encounters. But academic institutions certainly have in place many other types of formal faculty review processes—so it’s critical that Interfolio be able to accommodate those as well. And we do.

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WEBINAR | Consortium for Faculty Diversity + Interfolio | April 25

Webinars | Interfolio Faculty Search

We’re thrilled to put on the first installment in a new free webinar series on faculty technology at liberal arts colleges—a joint presentation with the Consortium for Faculty Diversity, covering what they do and how Interfolio helps them do it.

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Following the process: committee-facing requirements in Interfolio’s Promotion & Tenure

Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure | Releases

One key reason that colleges and universities find Interfolio’s faculty review software so valuable is that it accommodates virtually every practical action involved in an academic committee decision. This month’s product release—arising from an array of thoughtful client input—serves equity and transparency with a new tool to enforce committee accountability.

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Earning faculty buy-in around educational technology culture

Topics in Higher Education

So. You’re making new decisions about technology, logistics, and workflow that will require your college or university to embrace a new educational technology culture. It sounds wonderful on paper, but getting the faculty behind the project can be tricky.

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WEBINAR | Unifying Faculty Activity Data with Interfolio | March 30


This month, we’re putting on a free webinar and Q&A on an all but universal challenge in faculty activity reporting: how to consolidate data from many sources and formats into a single central faculty data hub on campus. 

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In the academic review process, not talking could be costly: communication around tenure & promotion

Topics in Higher Education | Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure

In the landscape of academic tenure and promotion reviews, communication—of the regular, formally documented ilk—is often singled out as a “good practice.” It’s also prudent to recognize that poor institutional communication has been fodder for lawsuits and appeals brought by denied candidates.

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