Faculty Technology Across the Lifecycle

Where are the information gaps surrounding faculty work at your institution?

Where is the full picture of faculty’s contribution at your institution?

We believe that an institution’s best and most valuable resource is its faculty. When you invest in faculty and their ability to succeed, you invest in the institution. Despite this, there are very few—if any—technologies built for faculty, and none that take into consideration the entire lifecycle of a faculty career, from first job search through tenure.

Research on the need for a full faculty platform

Through R&D efforts with over 100 institutions, we’ve learned that colleges and universities are seeking a set of tools that:

  • Support faculty advancement, networking, and grant seeking
  • Increase transparency and equity in institutional processes around faculty (like their review, tenure, or promotion)
  • Streamline the accreditation process, esp as it relates to gaining faculty information
  • Deliver on institutional goals around faculty diversity (especially since we know that an increasingly diverse student body demands it!)
  • Make strategic and effective use of faculty time
  • Increase the quality of data around academic decisions, like hiring and promotion
  • Decrease the financial strain and inefficiencies that currently exist around data collection, committee work, institutional review and more
  • Finally, all of the above should be available in a single platform that’s easy for faculty and administrators to use.

The ideal faculty technology system, then, would fill the critical gap that exists today between the abundant, multifaceted work that scholars do and the strategic decisions that institutions must make.

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