Department Faculty Hiring


Do applicants to your department use Interfolio Dossier? Now you can make it easier.

Interfolio Faculty Search allows Dossier members to apply for free, and makes hiring for your department easy.

If you have recently applied for a faculty job, or participated on a hiring committee, you know that it can be a difficult process to manage.

Adopting Faculty Search for a college or department takes the cost off of the individual scholar, and allows for transparency into the talent, diversity, and accomplishments of your faculty population.

All participants in faculty recruitment benefit, from the department chair to the applicant.
  • Faculty select their next colleague with an array of online tools.
  • Search chairs rally their committees from a central platform.
  • Staff save time by digitizing manual processes.
  • EEO Officers benefit from near 100% compliance around diversity data.
  • Applicants receive a clear, professional, informative experience.


“Our applicants are usually familiar with Dossier—they just have to click on a link and apply.”


“Interfolio Faculty Search was built for hiring faculty and for providing efficiencies and ease of use for faculty participating in the search process.”


“I’m so sick of using bad systems, this is great. This is going to save me SO MUCH TIME.”