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  • Applying to schools is so stressful, your process for letters of recommendation takes some of the anxiety away. THANK YOU!

    • Jasmine D.
    • Dossier Deliver user
  • The representatives were exceptionally accommodating and attentive to detail. I enjoyed working with them.

    • Johnitha J.
    • Dossier user
  • It was awesome! Interfolio has helped me to know the status of my application and has encouraged me to complete the form. The submission procedure is simple and does not involve any expertise.

    • Titilayo O.
    • Dossier user

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  • ✓ Prepare collections for jobs, mentoring, and biosketches
  • ✓ Request and receive reusable confidential letters
  • ✓ Search for grants, fellowships, and jobs
  • ✓ Apply for free to Interfolio hosted positions
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  • ✓ Prepare collections for jobs, reviews, grants, and biosketches
  • ✓ Request and receive reusable confidential letters
  • ✓ Search for grants, fellowships, and jobs
  • ✓ Apply for free to Interfolio-hosted positions
  • ✓ Access Interfolio support (including deliveries)
  • ✓ Share your materials and get feedback on them in your Dossier
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About Interfolio’s Dossier

Finding and applying for the next step in your career can be hard to navigate—but Interfolio's Dossier can help.

From requesting and storing confidential letters, to curating thematic collection sets of documents, Dossier is your single, secure space for scholarly organization.

Once your materials have been curated for a specific opportunity, you can share them for feedback and advice, before sending. Then direct our team to send your materials in support of any opportunity, such as faculty jobs, fellowships, grants, postdocs, or graduate study, for a flat $48 annual fee.

Collect & Curate

✓ Gather confidential letters and academic materials in a single, secure location.

✓ Curate thematic collections of materials for different types of opportunities.

✓ Stay on top of deadlines and get organized about your academic career.

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Request and Store Confidential Letters

✓ Solicit letters from your recommenders.

✓ We'll send instructions and due dates.

✓ Indefinitely store and manage confidential letters for future use.

Send Anywhere

✓ Send out full applications or any collection of materials (such as confidential letters), electronically or by mail, with a few clicks.

✓ Search for positions from inside your account.

✓ Rely on our live support team in a pinch to help ensure your applications get where they need to go, complete and on time.

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