We're excited to announce that Interfolio will be releasing enhancements to Dossier that will make the product easier to use and more cost effective. All of these changes come directly from user feedback—in other words, you.

Starting July 18 all accounts will be free. When you're ready to send deliveries to academic opportunities you will be able to upgrade to a flat annual subscription of $48, which covers 50 electronic and mail deliveries.

With a free Dossier account you'll still be able to:

Store your own materials

Request and receive reusable confidential letters

Build collections over time

If you've already paid us an account fee for your current subscription we will prorate your price. And, don't forget, it's always completely free to apply for positions hosted through Interfolio.

Why are you making the change?

Based on feedback and extensive user research, we found a price point for Dossier services that supports most applicants—people who send a small number and people who send many. The new price reflects both the common usage patterns we've seen across different user groups and the services we provide around confidentiality, quality control, and user support for deliveries.

What is changing?

When you sign into your account, you’ll still have a Dossier account—regardless of your level of subscription.

With this free version of Interfolio’s Dossier, you'll still be able to:

  • store your own materials
  • request and receive reusable confidential letters
  • build collections over time

Then, if you want to be able to deliver your materials elsewhere, you’ll need to upgrade to Dossier Deliver (there will be easy links within the product to make this change starting on July 18). The cost to you will be a flat $48 per year, which covers 50 electronic and mail deliveries.

Once you sign up for Dossier Deliver, you’ll be able to start delivering materials right away.

What does $48 per year get me?

Dossier Deliver is a premium service that allows you to deliver your stored academic materials 50 times per year for a flat annual fee of $48. Gather your best materials—including confidential letters—then send electronically or by mail to academic jobs, post-docs, fellowships, and more.

  • Apply Anywhere: Send up to 50 deliveries of academic materials for under $50. Reminder: any application to a position hosted by Interfolio is free and does not count against your 50 deliveries.
  • Fully Supported: Focus on your application, not delivery details, with access to intelligent customer support for all technical and submission questions.
  • Manage and Send Confidential Letters: Experience less hassle for letter writers (and requesters) with a system for soliciting, storing, and sending confidential letters.
  • Collect and Curate: A single, secure location to gather and organize all necessary and confidential academic documents.

Will I still have access to support?

Yes! Whether you have a question, are looking for help, or simply have a comment, we're available to talk Monday through Friday, 9:00-6:00 Eastern via (877) 997-8807 or by email at help@interfolio.com.

I’m interested in purchasing a pack of Dossier accounts for my students. Can I do that?

Yes! Dossier Deliver can be purchased in packs by institutions, departments, career centers, and professional organizations to help give students and those embarking on the job market assistance in their search and application process. For more information, visit us at https://www.interfolio.com/dossier_packs.

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