Interfolio Branding and Media Kit

Interfolio Brand Assets for partners, web and print media

We’ve assembled these materials to enable our client partners, media cohorts and other collaborators to make it easy for you to access and reference the Interfolio brand. Feel free to use these assets as needed. If you have any questions or need additional collateral not listed please contact

About Interfolio

Founded in 1999, Interfolio is an education technology company based in Washington, DC that offers the first holistic Faculty Information System to support the full lifecycle of faculty work—from hiring to annual review, service, activity reporting, scholarly data collection and validation, and more. All Interfolio software applications focus on faculty, with workflow tools to support shared governance processes; activity reporting solutions that support accreditation, decision making, and data analytics; and consumer offerings that provide a portable, private space to support the collection, curation, and validation of academic materials. Working with over 250 clients, Interfolio leads with vision and innovation while remaining focused on advancing faculty and their institutions.

Our Beliefs

We believe faculty are the group most central to the success of higher education.

Faculty drive the revenue of an institution, whether through teaching and learning, in the form of tuition, or funded research. They are the single largest drive of cost to an institution in the form of faculty payroll. Faculty propel the reputation, brand, and rank of an institution. They are directly responsible for student success and the governance of the institution.

When you invest in faculty and their ability to succeed, the institution succeeds. That’s why the relationship between faculty and institutional success guides all of our work. Institutional decisions are better when they take faculty expertise and information into account.

Advance faculty, advance the institution.

Core Values

As we grow as an organization, it is critical that we develop and instill core values across everything we do and how we operate on a daily basis, both internally and how interact with our consumers.

Service to each other & the community

As a company and as individuals, we are members of a broader community. We strive to contribute to these communities—and the collective landscape of higher education—with the belief that serving the greater good is the highest calling.

Radical transparency

We champion a practice of visibility. Shedding light on opaque practices and pursuing truth through research and data will make us better as a company, and will help the institutions we serve better understand, use, and promote the contribution of faculty and their scholarship.

Challenging the status quo

Whether working with each other or with institutions, we challenge the accepted orthodoxy. Testing the validity of process, ideas, and principles allows us to see past existing hierarchies and biases in order to find a better way.

Peer review & critique

We seek continual improvement through assessment and peer critique. Because we value the contribution and work of our colleagues, we spend time thinking critically about it and offering honest them feedback in order to improve.

Strength through diversity

A diverse community is a stronger community. We value diversity in thoughts, ideas, and processes. Just as we strive to create an inclusive workplace, we also help institutions reach their goals to cultivate a vibrant academic culture that benefits from a plurality of expertise.

The pursuit of equity

We strive to become more consistent, standard, and fair in our practices and how we treat each other. We help higher education maintain its commitment to the rejection of bias in favor of the equitable assessment of merit in order to advance knowledge.

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