July 23, 2019 / University of London

Interfolio is partnering with King’s College London to provide a free one-day workshop designed to inspire innovative ideas surrounding diversity, equality and inclusion in higher education.

A substantial body of research has shown that exposure to diverse perspectives better equips students for success in a global society by creating more productive citizens, professionals, future leaders, and innovators.

No matter the level of debate regarding the prospect of mandating diversity in higher education, today’s academic institutions generally accept the importance of academic staff diversity – often citing research on the benefits of organisational diversity at all levels in their plans to make their academic staff more representative of the surrounding world.

Academic diversity has consistently shown to result in better scholarship, boosting institutions’ academic impact and prominence. And yet despite these benefits, and in many cases public proclamations of new priority placed on increasing academic diversity, universities are still earning failing grades for their efforts. It’s a complex problem that involves many interrelated elements. This one-day workshop will bring together experts from both higher education and academic technology to explore what role technology might play in supporting equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.

Workshop overview:
Over the course of the day we will explore the challenges and opportunities that exist in the current state of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the higher education sector. We will be looking to solicit feedback and discuss possible ideas for how technology-based solutions could support these initiatives.

Interfolio looks forward to convening thought leaders at this event who can support the learnings and solutions for this important, top of mind subject. We’ll review Interfolio’s current and possible future roadmap as a means to support your efforts as well.

Who should attend & how to get involved:
Higher education professionals or academic staff with responsibilities around equality, diversity, and inclusion. There are limited seats for this event. If interested in attending, please email Will Sickenberger (will.sickenberger@interfolio.com).

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