WASHINGTON, D.C., September 15, 2016 — Interfolio, the pioneer in faculty-first higher education technology, launched a new website to document its mission, product offering, and solutions to common challenges in higher education management.

“This new website represents our product roadmap and vision to offer a faculty first approach to technology,” said Andrew Rosen, CEO, Interfolio. “Our goal with this site is to show who we are as a company, what we believe in, the great talent that works here, and the solutions that we provide to colleges and universities.”

The new site expands on Interfolio’s position at the forefront of the movement to invest in faculty technology. The company asserts its core belief that faculty is the group most central to the success of higher education, yet very few institutions have provided tools to make their lives easier or more efficient. Interfolio’s technology centers around creating mutual benefit for institutions and faculty: with support, faculty have more time for teaching and research and with transparency into faculty data, institutions can enact meaningful change around big issues like campus diversity and budget.

“I’m extremely pleased with our new website,” said Megan Cole, the Vice President of Marketing at Interfolio. “The new site helps us display a new, intelligent design that is sincere and approachable, and centered around the needs of our users. We are excited about making it easier for our customers, users and prospects to better understand our foundation and path as we grow our faculty-centric products.”

Interfolio worked closely with BraveUX, a D.C. design and user experience firm to bring the website from concept to build.

For more information, visit www.interfolio.com.

About Interfolio
Interfolio is on a mission to create inspired user-centric products focused on solving large, evolving problems in higher education. ByCommittee™ is the first administrative enterprise SaaS solution to facilitate academic decision support and provide an engine for intelligent decision making in higher education. Visit www.interfolio.com to learn more.

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