Free and Low-Cost Dossier and Search-Management Tools to be Offered Through MLA Partnership with Interfolio

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 23, 2012 —This fall the Modern Language Association (MLA) will expand its services for job candidates and hiring departments by providing online dossier and search-management services through its Job Information List (JIL). A new partnership between the MLA and Interfolio, a leading provider of dossier services in higher education, will allow users to apply for positions directly from advertisements in the JIL by creating a free Interfolio account. The new system also provides valuable services for departments advertising positions and for writers of letters of recommendation.

“This centralized application system is part of an ongoing effort by the MLA to make the job search a better experience for job seekers and for departments,” said MLA Executive Director Rosemary G. Feal.

Benefits for Job Candidates

The new service allows job candidates to:

  • transmit electronically a customized letter of application and CV to a hiring department at
    no charge
  • send a complete electronic dossier with confidential letters of recommendation and other
    materials online for a maximum fee of $6 per position, no matter how many additional
    electronic transmissions are requested for a given search
  • upload, store, and manage letters of application, CVs, letters of recommendation, writing
  • samples, and other materials using a secure Interfolio Dossier account
  • store customized and confidential letters of recommendation and versions of dossier
  • materials in their Interfolio Dossier accounts for future delivery
  • manage and track the status of applications

Benefits for Departments

All departments that place ads in the 2012-13 JIL will also have access to Interfolio’s suite of online search-management tools, called Interfolio ByCommittee. Interfolio ByCommittee provides a single secure Web interface where departments can manage search-committee memberships for multiple searches and receive candidate applications, dossiers, and other materials. Using Interfolio ByCommittee, departments can

  • electronically receive and review applications and materials through the Interfolio
  • ByCommittee platform, which will be organized for each search the department is conducting
  • send automatic e-mail acknowledgments of candidates’ applications
  • provide a secure online environment for search-committee members to review
  • candidates’ materials and record comments and evaluations
  • manage the sharing of search-committee members’ rankings and evaluations of candidates
  • organize candidates into groups according to their status in the search
  • send customized e-mail messages to candidates and groups of candidates
  • retain an archive documenting each job search, candidates’ applications, and searchcommittee members’ evaluations

Benefits for Writers of Letters of Recommendation

The Interfolio system also streamlines the process of submitting confidential letters of recommendation.

  • Letter writers receive requests for letters directly from candidates’ Interfolio Dossier
    accounts and submit their letters to Interfolio’s centralized dossier service.
  • Letters are stored securely on Interfolio’s server, where they remain confidential.
  • Candidates manage the transmitting of recommendations from Interfolio directly to the
    departments to which they are applying.
  • “We believe these services will make applying for jobs easier for candidates and will give hiring departments new tools to manage their searches more efficiently,” said Steve Goldenberg, CEO of Interfolio.

Additional information about the JIL’s Interfolio services, including FAQs for hiring departments and job seekers, is available at

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