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Part of the 2020 Faculty Lifecycle Webinars series

How do modern universities make faculty hiring efficient, equitable, and easily reportable?

This free webinar introduces the Interfolio Faculty Search module for managing hiring and recruitment of scholars in higher education. The webinar provides some background on the scholar-centric approach that sets the Interfolio Faculty Information System apart from other systems used to manage hiring in higher education, and will give a functional demonstration of the module’s features and uses.

Watch this free webinar to learn:

  • Why higher education has historically suffered when faculty hiring has been run through systems not adequately designed for scholars
  • What features, actions, and uses the Interfolio Faculty Search module includes
  • How some real colleges and universities are benefiting from running faculty hiring through Interfolio

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Free White Paper (new!): The Modern Faculty Recruitment Playbook

Want to bring your academic hiring and recruitment practices in line with what other forward-thinking institutions are doing today?

Download our free, brand-new guide, The Modern Faculty Recruitment Playbook, for a wealth of practical tips on how modern colleges and universities successfully run their faculty hiring. Gathered from presentations and conversations with institutions that use Interfolio, as well as popular contemporary resources on the topic (and twenty years of serving the academic job market), the guide walks you through a full academic hire, step by step.