Product Information Packet: Interfolio Lifecycle Management

Part of the 2020 Faculty Lifecycle Webinars series

Where do senior academic leadership offices go to look up information about who their faculty members are, their workload and other employment agreements, and upcoming faculty career events?

This free webinar introduces the brand-new Interfolio Lifecycle Management module that helps provost, dean, and faculty affairs offices keep track of the faculty body throughout all scholars’ professional journeys. The webinar gives a functional overview of this sorely needed new faculty technology module, how it makes life much easier for academic offices that use it, and the module’s long-term place as a hub of the Interfolio Faculty Information System.

Watch this free webinar to learn:

  • Why the institution’s HR system is rarely sufficient to give these senior academic leadership offices the key faculty information they need (in order to play their role effectively)
  • What features, actions, and uses the Interfolio Lifecycle Management module includes
  • How we expect to functionally connect the Lifecycle Management module to the other Interfolio modules in the short and long term

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Free White Paper: Pros and Cons of Home-Grown Faculty Information Technology

Considering taking the home-grown approach toward your faculty information needs?

It’s essential to take a thoughtful approach—these systems constitute a major institutional decision. Take a look at our free white paper, Pros and Cons of Home-Grown Faculty Information Technology, to get a sense of the scope and stakes of going this route.