Webinar - Faculty Information System - Interfolio

Thursday, August 29, 2019 / 12:00-1:00 PM EDT / 4:00-5:00 PM GMT / 5:00-6:00 PM BST

How are universities today successfully taking academic hiring, activity data, and formal reviews online?

More and more academic institutions around the world are recognizing the significance of effectively managing the information and workflows surrounding their greatest asset: the scholars that teach, contribute to their fields, and share governance of the institution.

In this free webinar, we will walk through the three-module Interfolio platform and share some examples of how colleges and universities with varying priorities have leveraged different aspects of Interfolio to improve both practical workflows and data reporting around academic information.

About this webinar

See a demonstration and presentation on how the three modules of the Interfolio Faculty Information System can help you, your colleagues, and your institution address three key challenge areas today:


  • Manage complex applications, large applicant lists, and applicant pool data (including gathering 100% diversity data) in a shared governance context
  • Provide academic job applicants an easy path and a professional introduction to the institution
  • Give committees and administrators a secure, organized, convenient digital space to review applicants and reach good hiring decisions

Activity data

  • Gather thorough, validated activity data about the academics at your institution, including importing from a wide array of existing sources, both on and off your campus
  • Empower academics and administrative staff to easily generate clean digital CVs and biosketches out of the existing data, and use them in a variety of scenarios
  • Ease accreditation and institutional research with a dynamic database showing the full picture of scholars’ contributions at your university

Academic review workflows

  • Achieve consistency and adherence to proper workflows and official process by building templates that exactly reflect the different types of reviews at your institution
  • Give committees a secure, organized, convenient digital space to complete responsible reviews of colleagues’ cases and move them forward
  • Set all academics up for success with a clearly lighted pathway of requirements, statuses, and dedicated support for many types of dossier material (documents, multimedia, images, websites)