Policies and Practices for Supporting Non-Tenure Track Faculty

March 31, 2016 / 2:00-3:00 PM EST

What effect does increased adjunct hiring have on students, faculty, and your institution? What if there were solutions that helped to support non-tenure track faculty on campus and improve institutional outcomes?

As Co-Director of the Pullias Center for Higher Education, Adrianna Kezar is at the forefront of research on changing models of the professoriate. In this webinar, Dr. Kezar outlines the need for new models to replace the existing bifurcated system of tenure-/non-tenure track faculty—a system, she argues, that does not serve students, faculty, or the enterprise of higher education.

This webinar will cover:
– The impact of current hiring trends on student success and the future of the professoriate.
– Campus policies and practices that affect non-tenure track faculty.
– A path for change: strategies that receive buy-in from multiple stakeholder groups.

Adrianna Kezar is Professor of Higher Education at the Rossier School of Education and the Co-Director of the Pullias Center for Higher Education at USC. Her most recent publication, “The Professoriate Reconsidered,” ambitiously kicks off a new conversation about meaningful change in the current faculty model with a survey of faculty, administrators, board members, accreditors, and policy makers across institutional types.

This webinar took place in March 2016.