Webinar Series: Liberal Arts Colleges and New Faculty Technology

Thursday, June 29, 2:00-3:00 PM EDT

The second installment in our free webinar series focusing on liberal arts colleges! Find out how these smaller institutions are improving committee logistics, gaining faculty buy-in, and pursuing diversity goals with the help of technology oriented around the faculty role.

How do smaller liberal arts colleges benefit from running faculty hiring and promotion through technology that’s actually built for the faculty role?

Like many institutions, Bryn Mawr College faces overlapping needs around faculty employment:

  • equip faculty and staff to use time efficiently
  • maintain effective shared governance and academic decision-making
  • ensure their institution is well represented to scholars who might encounter Bryn Mawr at any stage of their career

To address challenges like these, Bryn Mawr chose Interfolio for managing both their faculty hiring and faculty advancement processes.

In this free webinar and Q&A session, you’ll hear from two key players from Bryn Mawr’s Provost Office: Erin J. Walsh, Assistant Provost for Administration, and Linda Butler Livesay, Faculty Appointments Coordinator. We speak with Erin and Linda about their roles and experience working with Interfolio, and how they think faculty employment at Bryn Mawr is influenced by having technology really built for the faculty role.

The webinar includes a brief overview of Interfolio’s platform, so that you know what we’re talking about, and an audience Q&A session.

You’ll Find Out:

  1. What concrete benefits Erin and Linda have seen at Bryn Mawr from using Interfolio for faculty hiring, tenure, and promotion
  2. How the platform has helped gain faculty buy-in for a more modernized committee and candidate experience
  3. Why the platform’s flexibility and customization for their unique processes has been helpful for them

This webinar took place in June 2017.

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