Webinars - Department and Program Evaluation - Interfolio

Expanding the Faculty Information System’s Reach

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 / 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

In this free webinar and Q&A session, we discuss the potential for institutions of higher education to make the evaluation of academic departments and programs easier and more transparent with the Interfolio Faculty Information System.

Why this webinar?

Academic leaders in higher education are increasingly recognizing and championing the importance of regular, objective evaluations of their departments and programs of study—involving reference to a range of quantitative and qualitative documentation.

Without a modern interface for data management and report generation, however, academic program evaluation remains highly labor-intensive and woefully under-documented. What’s more, it is clear that the practical tools by which the institution organizes and conducts such assessments may exert an influence on the picture that emerges—certainly a highly scrutinized issue within academic affairs in recent years.

The free webinar includes:

  • An introduction to the data types and functional workflow requirements commonly involved in academic department/program evaluation
  • A demo showing what the Faculty Information System (FIS) enables colleges and universities to do, today, to accurately and responsibly assess their academic departments and programs
  • A “technology roadmap” discussion of additional development/expansion that Interfolio is considering to elevate the value of the FIS for academic department/program evaluation