Faculty Activity Reporting - Webinar - Interfolio

Improving Faculty Data Collection

Thursday, October 26 / 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

How can universities gain a new level of reliable, comprehensive faculty activity data?

Find out what it’s like to use Interfolio Faculty180 to collect, compile, and review data on faculty activities in this free webinar and Q&A.

In particular, the webinar focuses on the process of getting faculty activity data into the system. The ease and clarity of data entry (or import) for each faculty member is a key factor that makes a huge difference in institutional data quality—and has implications for all kinds of “downstream” processes, including annual and periodic reviews, institutional research, and accreditation.

Why this webinar?

As you probably know if you work in faculty affairs or institutional research, whenever academic institutions conduct annual or periodic reviews of their faculty, they must somehow compile each faculty member’s professional activities into a clear, consistent, intelligible format for the reviewer(s) to look at.

Of course, without any dedicated campus system for faculty activity reporting, this kind of compilation can be laborious and full of holes—as academic leaders are increasingly coming to understand.

But even when institutions do adopt a system for faculty activity reporting, they hit a big challenge almost immediately: getting faculty data into the system in the first place. When the school uses a system that neglects to make data collection easy and efficient for faculty, academic reviewers and staff face big roadblocks and much redundant work during formal review periods.

This webinar includes:

  • An overview of the negative impact of a poor data input experience for faculty, and some key data collection considerations for periodic/annual reviews
  • A demo of the Interfolio Faculty180 faculty activity reporting platform, with attention to the faculty experience—both input and output
  • A question and answer session about Interfolio and how it is used for faculty activity reporting

This webinar took place in October 2017.

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