Webinar - Faculty Information System - Interfolio

Wednesday, April 25 / 2:00-3:00 PM EDT

What does it look like for the faculty member when the full scope of their academic activities goes well supported and well documented by the Faculty Information System?

In this free webinar and Q&A, we follow the trajectory of an individual faculty member through key moments in their professional path, at a hypothetical institution (or realistically, more than one) that uses the pioneering Interfolio Faculty Information System. We encounter the modules for faculty hiring, scholar development, faculty activity reporting, and academic workflow through the lens of the individual scholar advancing in their career. 

In the process, we’ll see the relevant portions of Interfolio. And we will hear a brief presentation about the context of faculty work within higher education—and collaboration with hundreds of colleges and universities—that guides Interfolio’s ongoing development.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Interfolio focuses specifically on faculty work and decisions as the vehicle to advance the institution
  • What practical tools Interfolio offers to help faculty with their responsibilities and professional milestones
  • How Interfolio’s position within the institution’s technology ecosystem makes possible valuable insights—both for the individual scholar and for the university—not previously available

This webinar took place in April 2018.

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