Getting Hiring Right with Interfolio Faculty Search

Thursday, August 31, 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

This webinar and Q&A discusses how colleges and universities today are using Interfolio Faculty Search to improve committee logistics, deliver on diversity, and build consistency in hiring practices across campus. In the webinar, we speak with Georgia Davidis, Faculty Dossier Coordinator at Haverford College.

Various groups within an academic institution continue to face logistical challenges around faculty hiring:

  • What resources are available to help deans and faculty affairs managers facilitate consistency, equity, and transparency across the institution?
  • How can faculty search chairs and department staff make the logistics easier, so that the committee members can get down to business making strong hiring decisions—and balance their committee work with their teaching and research?
  • How could offices of diversity, inclusion, and equity gain reliable EEO demographic survey responses on the entire faculty applicant pool—at the time of application?

This free webinar includes an overview of the challenges Interfolio addresses, a demo of the platform, and a conversation with Georgia about the difference Interfolio has made at Haverford.

You’ll Find Out:

  1. How a central system with better visibility into faculty hiring patterns through Interfolio enables our clients to make recruitment more consistent and equitable.
  2. How Interfolio’s design addresses the practical needs of faculty search committees.
  3. How to collect Equal Employment Opportunity survey data on 100% of applicants.

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