Webinar - Research Activity - Faculty Information System - Interfolio

Wednesday, February 28 / 2:00-3:00 PM EST

Accommodating faculty research activity with the Interfolio Faculty Information System

This free webinar discusses how the Interfolio Faculty Information System accommodates faculty’s research activity, and features a presentation by higher education technology expert Dave Kochalko about the costs to universities of overlooking teaching, service, and the full picture of faculty work.

Unlike narrower systems that are essentially structured around only one aspect of faculty work, Interfolio empowers the institution to study and support:

  • Federally funded research
  • Research supported in other ways
  • Creative productions
  • Teaching
  • Conference presentations
  • Committee service
  • Any other kind of professional activity in which faculty engage

In addition, the webinar includes a product demo of the Interfolio Faculty Information System and Q&A at the end.

This free webinar includes:

  • Some research about the costs of letting large areas of faculty work go untracked and unsupported
  • A differentation between managing faculty information and simply managing research information
  • A demo of relevant portions of the Interfolio Faculty Information System

About our speaker

Dave Kochalko is an experienced leader in academic technology. In addition to years spent in making information solutions technology available to higher education, he is a co-founder of ORCID, a global non-profit organization working to ensure every researcher is recognized for their work.

This webinar took place in February 2018.

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