Thursday, May 14, 2020 / 3:00-4:00 PM BST (UK)

Comparing the effect of the coronavirus pandemic to the effect of the Second World War, the crisis has disrupted virtually all aspects of life and mobilised nations on a scale not seen since that conflict.

In this webinar, Jonathan Grant, Professor of Public Policy, The Policy Institute, King’s College London, will discuss how the coronavirus pandemic is likely to have a profound impact on the way that research and science is funded, administered and conducted—and these changes could shape the next generation of science policy.

Showing Research Impact with Researchfish by Interfolio

Impact assessment is a major focus of modern funding bodies, higher education institutions, and research centers. But the total impact of funded research activity takes many different forms—not just publications and inventions. And data validated by the researcher is the key.

Funders, universities, and research centers worldwide use Interfolio’s Researchfish to track, study, and communicate the total impact of their research.