Interfolio for Faculty

A distinctive, scholar-oriented set of tools for faculty members to accomplish their work.

Lifetime Academic Development

When your college or university adopts one or more modules of the Interfolio Faculty Information Systemevery scholar at your institution gains a distinctive, faculty-oriented set of tools to accomplish their work.

Interfolio intentionally serves not only your faculty members’ professional responsibilities as employees of the organization, but also as individual members of the academic community, pursuing their own professional aspirations and development.

The Interfolio Faculty Information System provides a unified, consistent look and feel for scholars, encompassing (as applicable for your institution):

  • A straightforward, scholar-oriented user interface for directly managing academic activity data
  • A clear reference showing requirements for future reviews, far in advance
  • Built-in tools to reduce redundant organizational work
  • A pre-populated starting point to assemble formal packets for official review cases
  • Automatic CV formatting tools to export academic activity data in one neat document
  • Easy, clear, consistent tools for reaching committee decisions about colleagues

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