Letter Writer

Submit, organize, and store letters online, for free.

Support students and peers more easily.

If you’re a professor or other career scholar, you may be writing dozens of letters of recommendation in a year. We can help you store, organize, and (confidentially) send your letters for students.

Manage and submit your letters online.

Our free Letter Writer product is for anyone who’s been asked to submit letters of recommendation by an academic applicant using our Dossier service.

Letter Writer provides a consolidated online record of all your current and past letter requests sent to you via Interfolio’s Dossier, and their details, whether you submitted the letter or not.

With a Letter Writer account, you can:

  • See a list of letters currently requested of you and their due dates
  • Check any details the applicant included, such as the purpose, destination, and audience of the letter
  • View your letter submission history
  • Replace or update your letters on file with us for a student or colleague
  • Download copies of past letters you’ve submitted

Get Started

The recommendation letters you write can be uploaded directly to Interfolio. The letter requester will be notified when your letter arrives, but will never see the content of confidential letters.