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How can applicants on the academic jobs market make their job search easier?

Based on some primary research Interfolio’s done to understand our Dossier users’ experiences in their search for academic jobs, we’ve highlighted some key things we learned in an infographic, “Dossier and the Academic Job Market.” The insights generated by this market research helped to inform the July 2017 launch of free Dossier and Dossier Deliver, as well as other investments we’ve made in the Dossier product in the past year. The survey results suggest an academic jobs marketplace in which highly qualified applicants are burdened by laborious and confusing application processes. Take a look below! (Viewing on mobile? Tap on the image for better quality.)

Infographic - Dossier and the Academic Job Market - Interfolio

Interfolio’s Dossier gives scholars an easy way to collect, curate, and send their materials anywhere in application to academic jobs, electronically or by mail, with a few clicks. Learn more about Dossier here, or upgrade from free Dossier to Dossier Deliver here.