Sneak Preview of Our New Dossier Interface

Whether you are applying to schools, preparing for the job market, or organizing your materials for the promotion and tenure process, you want a secure, easy to use service that allows you to manage your documents all in one place.



A “less is more” design means efficient task completion.

We know from our conversations with many of you that you specifically choose to use Interfolio because we provide you with the ability to do all of those things, as well as request letters of recommendation and create a public portfolio to share your work with the world.

Your specific needs challenged us to redesign our Dossier product to give it a simple, clean interface and—most importantly—make it easier for you to take action with your documents.

Calls to action became the primary focus of our redesign, and our user testing indicates that adding documents to your Dossier, requesting letters of recommendation, and creating new deliveries will get a lot easier for you after June 9th when the new version will be made live.

As you probably know, requesting letters of recommendation saves your letter writers from having to manage multiple letters and from manually uploading letters into numerous confusing application systems.

At the same time, your letter writers have told us they wish you could include more information with your requests for letters from them. The new version of our Dossier product allows you to provide their desired information with your letter request; you will be able to add a personal message, provide them with a link to program or job information, attach your CV and cover letter or writing sample, indicate whether or not a signature is required, and (finally) let them know if you are operating under a deadline by providing a “due date”.


Provide information to letter writers when making a request.

Delivering your documents safely and securely to the right place is easily one of the most important things we do for you. Our new design streamlines the delivery process regardless of delivery method, taking you step by step through the process, so you are confident your materials are on their way to the destination you have indicated.


Moving through the delivery steps is a breeze.

From the time you enter a paper or email delivery address, through adding documents, confirming delivery details, and (finally) checking out and seeing that success notification, we’ve built in help along the way.

If you are applying to a ByCommittee position, or a position for which we already have all of the delivery data stored for you (such as everything in the MLA Job Information List), you can skip right ahead to completing any specific application forms and submitted required documents.


Confirm your application details before delivery.

Supporting you and your academic pursuits continues to be our primary goal and that should shine through with the redesign of our Dossier product.

We have embedded help text throughout the new version of the product, so you get answers to your questions and tips on how to get the most out of Dossier when you’re right there in it.