Higher education software

The need for comprehensive, high-quality, cloud-based management software is prevalent for both institutions and individuals to store and report information. The most effective solutions operate on a single interface, eliminating data silos and improving visibility. Interfolio’s higher education software provides all stakeholders with the ability to view and customize information as needed.

When you’d like to equip your faculty, staff, and students with the technology they need to excel in their careers, give them access to our comprehensive suite of tools. Interfolio’s various solutions include:

  • Faculty Information System for use across educational institutions
  • Dossier platform for individual academics

All about Faculty Information Systems

Interfolio’s Faculty Information System (FIS) is the first-ever engagement platform that provides insight into all faculty activities, decisions, and data in a single interface across the institution.

Interfolio’s FIS platform is made up of three modules, all of which provide a user-friendly and transparent interface that bridges faculty data, scholarship, governance, and career milestones to inform colleges and universities of the faculty insights that are driving their institutions. These three modules include:

  • Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting
  • Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure
  • Interfolio Faculty Search

Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting

This online platform was built for faculty activity reporting, giving academic institutions the ability to make all faculty activity information available and visible. Faculty Activity Reporting can also support universities in the development of reports needed for accreditation and other essential processes.

Interfolio’s Faculty Activity Reporting operates on the basis of improving the quality of data, removing any redundant or irrelevant information. This cuts through the noise, making it faster and easier to access and manage important data sources. By using higher education software with a single interface, institutions are eliminating data silos, and instead making information centralized and secure. The platform is flexible and customizable, allowing users to build custom forms and modify various components in real time.

Faculty Activity Reporting doesn’t just connect faculty and staff to shared databases; it promotes networking, collaboration, and outreach among institutions and other permitted external users, improving universities’ relationships with businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits.

Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure

The occasions that require faculty and staff to compile as much relevant information as possible — reviews and the evaluation processes for promotion and tenure — need a more data-driven strategy than we’ve seen in the past. It’s not an effective practice to continue storing faculty information in siloed digital repositories, or worse, in binders and filing cabinets. Interfolio doesn’t just digitize these processes, it makes information customizable and visible, allowing administrators and departments to address the full scope, from submission to evaluation to decision.

Using Interfolio’s higher education software in the review process provides all participants with the information they need to make highly-informed decisions and gives faculty the materials they need to review their peers effectively. Administrators can use the insights provided by Interfolio’s systems to ensure a commitment to diversity and equal opportunity is being met by tracking promotions and tenure outcomes over time. In addition, this platform gives candidates clear instructions on the promotion and tenure processes so they can be prepared for each step.

Interfolio Faculty Search

Interfolio understands that faculty hiring is a unique process. There are nuances associated with bringing on new faculty members, particularly involving confidential letters, the submission of scholarly materials, and committee decisions. Interfolio’s Faculty Search platform accounts for these subtleties, as this tool was specifically built for shared governance. Rather than keeping prospective faculty data in multiple sources — and thereby running the risk of important information being overlooked — the Faculty Search tool compiles insights on a single interface that is easy to access.

This system is beneficial to all personnel at higher education institutions. It effectively saves staff time by digitizing otherwise manual processes, such as the distribution, organization, and collection of applications. It makes it easier than ever for faculty members to be an active participant in recruiting their peers — a significant benefit, considering the positive effects of hiring internally. Finally, it gives applicants a positive, professional experience as they apply and interview for roles. The Faculty Search technology can also help other professionals — including search chairs, deans, administrators, and EEO officers — by leveraging transparency during each step of the hiring process.

Move onto the next step with Interfolio Dossier

While Interfolio’s FIS supports institutions, the Dossier platform is designed to assist individuals in managing and advancing their career. Dossier is a one-stop shop for organizing the materials needed to apply for jobs, from requesting and storing confidential letters to curating large collections of documents.

After gathering materials on this secure interface, they can be shared with others to get feedback and guidance before submitting them to the official recipient. For a flat fee, Interfolio will send materials to academic institutions to support your application for various roles, such as:

  • Faculty jobs
  • Fellowships
  • Grants
  • Postdocs
  • Graduate study

If you’d like to find out more about how your academic institution can best use Interfolio’s comprehensive higher education software, take a look at our resources and data.