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More and more colleges and universities are exploring the idea of switching from spreadsheets to an electronic system for managing its faculty activity reporting and evaluation processes. These electronic systems have many benefits associated with them since they are specifically designed for this purpose, including more consistent reporting capabilities for campus administrators, the capability to capture various data elements for program and accreditation reporting, and the enhanced ability to make research work completed by faculty more visible.

In addition, the data contained in these systems could also be used to demonstrate the impact that the institution has on the community, and provide faculty with search tools that can assist with connecting inquiries from the local media to the appropriate faculty on campus.

In a paper recently published by the University of Arizona, several reasons why libraries are well-positioned to play a critical role and provide services during the selection, implementation, and long-term support of a faculty activity system are discussed.

For example, since library staff serve as experts on searching the scholarly record, the library is well-positioned to provide analyses of potential data sources for purchasing bibliographic citation data that could be input into the system. In addition, the library is well-versed in scholarly communications, licensing, and copyright issues.

For these reasons, representatives from the University of Arizona Libraries were involved early on in conversations with the Office of the Provost regarding the intent to develop a mandated, online system to facilitate the institution’s faculty evaluation process. In the long-term, it was hopeful that the selected system would also simplify the institution’s promotion and tenure process.

The paper emphasizes the Libraries’ role and value in these conversations, in order to serve as a model to other libraries hoping to engage with their campus administration regarding faculty evaluation and/or faculty activity reporting systems.

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Content originally published on Learn more about Interfolio’s acquisition of Data180 here.