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In an effort to change the way researchers and students connect with each other professionally, a group of students have formed ResearchConnection, an online platform that allows students to search for and apply to research-related jobs and projects at colleges and universities across the country.

Students and professional researchers can easily create a profile on the ResearchConnection web site, which includes identifying the college/university they are affiliated with, their field of research, and degrees held. Users can also upload cover letters and resumes, and list research projects in which they are involved.

Upon creating a personal profile, students can search for research-related jobs and projects using a variety of search terms, including schools, topics, labs, publications, and more. If a match is found, users can apply for the job/project directly from the ResearchConnection web site.

The information in the search results is obtained exclusively from public web sources, university web sites, and any other information provided by universities. In addition, users are encouraged to keep their information up-to-date to ensure their ResearchConnection profile always contains current information.

ResearchConnection benefits colleges and universities by providing them with a database and networking platform for their research community. As users engage on the platform and user data accumulates, ResearchConnection is able to generate analytical reports for university administrators, which assist from budgeting to marketing.

To help bring ResearchConnection to universities, the company has started a student ambassador program. Student ambassadors meet with their school administrators to promote ResearchConnection. Students are able to garner support and have priceless opportunities to develop a network of professional researchers and school administrators.

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Content originally published on Learn more about Interfolio’s acquisition of Data180 here.