Abstract 3D network diagram of pale blue spheres connected by sticks, representing academic collaboration

We’re starting 2018 out strong with a free webinar and Q&A presenting Interfolio’s technology roadmap in light of what we have learned, over the past few years, about what institutions of higher education need in order to support their most valuable asset: their faculty.

While likely of interest to anyone who keeps an eye on university enterprise technology, this webinar should be particularly worthwhile for:

  • Chief academic officers, deans, and department chairs
  • Faculty affairs directors
  • Chief information/technology officers
  • Institutional research directors
  • Diversity, inclusion, and EEO officers
  • Research librarians

The announcement we’re making about the unified Interfolio Faculty Information System is as much about where we have been as about where we are going.

Until now, Interfolio has offered four separate products or “modules” aimed at solving distinct kinds of challenges surrounding the work of university faculty. The Dossier module, a widely adopted consumer product with an enterprise version, serves the individual scholar, whether affiliated with an institution or not. The Faculty Search module supports all the actions and data around faculty hiring. The Faculty180 module is a sleek engine for faculty activity reporting and faculty data collection. And Interfolio’s Review, Promotion & Tenure module is a mature (and fairly unique) platform for managing faculty review workflows online.

As our clients know, we’ve been making small moves to pull these separate products together for some time, in order to more comprehensively address some serious widespread challenges around managing and understanding faculty work. In the near future, they will begin to share functionality at a new level, and the Faculty Information System will authentically be underway.

We’re going to be putting out a lot more information over the coming weeks (and months) about the causes and effects of the Faculty Information System as a new, much-needed category of academic technology. This webinar is the best place to get a thorough overview of the problem, the attempted solutions so far, and why we think we’re onto something. You can find a little more information on the webinar registration page. Hope to see you there!