The Evolving Faculty Affairs Landscape IHE Booklet

The Evolving Faculty Affairs Landscape

 How to adapt to the changes

By Inside Higher Education + Interfolio

Expectations for and demands on faculty members are changing, and college and university leaders need to adapt how they hire, evaluate, and support faculty to respond to those changes.

Some of these changes have unfolded over decades: 

  • The steady erosion in the proportion of professors who operate within the tenure system
  • Increasing research requirements at many institutions
  • Stagnating pay and steadily rising demands related to assessment, committee work and technology

Others were exacerbated by the turmoil of the past two years:

  • Instructors took on added responsibility for student well-being even as they struggled with their own
  • Institutions faced intensified calls to further diversify faculty
  • Professors sought more work/life balance and considered leaving if they found it lacking.

This free booklet explores the shifting terrain for faculty members and the institutions that strive to keep them engaged and productive. 

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The Evolving Faculty Affairs Landscape IHE Booklet