Faculty Activity Reporting
How will an academic activity reporting system benefit your institution?

Academic staff are active, and their related activities play an integral role in the credibility and success of all academic institutions. More and more universities are recognizing the value of online solutions that help both academics and administrators make their work lives easier and more productive.

One increasingly common approach throughout higher education is a dedicated academic activity reporting system, which uses cloud technology and an easy interface to help academic institutions gather, validate, manage, and study data quickly and effectively.

In this free Interfolio eBook, we’ve organized the short- and long-term impact of such a technology into ten benefits—hoping give you an idea of why your academics, leadership, staff, and budget will benefit from an academic-focused platform for activity reporting.

If you’re a provost, dean, faculty affairs director, institutional researcher, or chief business officer at an institution or university, you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered the points covered here.

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