Five Ways to Use Data to Improve Diversity

Higher Education Leaders on Building Faculty Data Infrastructure

It seems like every week another commentator publishes their thoughts on how higher education will change in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But whether these changes or others come to pass, one thing is certain: great faculty will remain central to an institution’s success. 

Talented scholars that shine in the classroom and community attract students, research funding, and favorable attention, thereby building and burnishing an institution’s reputation.

Nevertheless, in their efforts to recruit and retain a stellar faculty, institutions often underestimate the impact of an effective, scholar-friendly faculty information system.

Today, the faculty information system is the digital infrastructure of faculty affairs.

When your institution lacks an effective digital system for capturing faculty activities, your institution’s leaders are hampered in their ability to effectively promote faculty members’ work—from articles, to committees, to artwork, to all other contributions—to funding bodies, prospective students, media, and potential partners. This eBook captures the insights that faculty affairs professionals shared at a digital roundtable, details change management strategies, and explains how the right digital infrastructure provides a competitive advantage.

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  • What are the high costs of homegrown systems
  • What an effective faculty activity reporting system looks like
  • How to effectively manage change 
  • How peers are addressing these challenges
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