Product Information Packet: Interfolio Lifecycle Management

Where do you look to understand who all your faculty are, what commitments you have made to them, and in what professional direction they are headed?

Interfolio’s Lifecycle Management module helps colleges and universities understand and support the continuously changing makeup of their faculty members. It includes features to track the appointments, workload, advancement, reviews, and timeline exceptions of the entire faculty roster.

In particular, Interfolio Lifecycle Management serves the offices of the university provost, college or school dean, and faculty affairs at any level. As part of the widely adopted Interfolio Faculty Information System, it serves as both a standalone database for faculty journeys and as a central switchboard for academic processes managed in other Interfolio modules.

Take a look at the product information packet for an overview of this new faculty technology module from Interfolio.

Download the free product information packet here: