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“With just a few clicks, scholars can take the bulk of the data entry work they’ve done in one system and import it straight into the other.”

How can Canadian universities integrate faculty activity reporting with the CCV—and save hours of faculty time?

Since the launch of the Canadian Common CV (CCV) in 2002, the system has grown in significance, with approximately 100,000 users and 27 member organizations that serve as funding sources. The online system allows researchers to collect and manage their CV data in a central repository—making applying for grant funding much more efficient and standardized for Canadian researchers.

But at the same time, as academic institutions increasingly adopt faculty activity reporting (FAR) systems on campus for a variety of critical needs like accreditation, faculty collaboration, and institutional research, the widespread usage of the CCV poses a challenges for Canadian universities: how can they keep the data in their FAR system matched to the data in their faculty members’ CCV profiles? 

The answer? Interfolio’s standard CCV database.

Read this free white paper both to understand the problem in more detail, and to learn how Interfolio has enabled massive time savings for faculty (and staff) by building a unique bridge between the CCV and our faculty activity reporting platform.

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