Interfolio Faculty180 faculty activity reporting

“Once the data is in the system, it is sorted, recycled, and repurposed to provide valuable insights and custom reports across your institution. Faculty data suddenly becomes available in one hub, and by virtue of it being available, it becomes actionable.”

How can colleges and universities more effectively and appropriately manage professional data about their faculty?

Most colleges and universities agree that their faculty members are their most valued asset. And these institutions also agree that managing data about their faculty is crucial to reporting to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

In this free Interfolio white paper, we lay out some of the fundamental common challenges facing academic institutions and organizations when it comes to managing data about the work their faculty do, and highlight specific ways in which our clients benefit from Interfolio’s faculty-centric approach.

Read the white paper to find out:
  • What the stakes are of managing faculty professional data well or poorly, for an institution of higher education
  • Why the ideal solution must put faculty work at the center of the data project
  • How Interfolio equips academic institutions to strategically approach faculty activity data input, movement, and output
Download this free white paper: