Faculty Information Technology

“You know, I bet we could just build this ourselves.”

What is driving more and more institutions to seek out a comprehensive faculty information system for their campus?

Higher education is no stranger to complex processes, abundant data, and committee work. 

High-stakes processes—such as those to recruit and review faculty and collect their annual activity data—are often done in inefficient, manual ways, across many insecure systems. Increasingly, colleges and universities are realizing the necessity of having an information system to support their key asset—faculty. 

What are the risks of taking the home-grown approach toward your faculty information needs?

When looking to identify a better system to organize faculty information, materials, and committee work, it’s essential to take a thoughtful approach, as these systems constitute a major institutional decision. In this white paper, we discuss the scope and stakes of such a decision.

You’ll learn about:

  1. Top three institutional challenges that a faculty information management system can solve
  2. Pitfalls to avoid when considering a new system for faculty technology
  3. Essential stakeholders to involve in the process to ensure a successful roll-out
Download the free white paper: