“Such limitations suggest that the technology that looks best from a traditional HR perspective may in fact be hindering departments’ ability to make faculty recruitment decisions in an efficient and strategic way.”

Is HR-driven software the wrong tool for faculty committee decisions?

This Interfolio white paper frames the technical needs of shared governance in terms of five specific needs of the academic committee process that characteristically go unmet by compliance- and liability-oriented human resources information systems (HRIS).

For each need, we propose specific functions that any good faculty technology for recruitment and review should include to address that need.

Read the paper to find out:
  • what to watch out for in terms of the individual committee member and candidate experiences
  • how communication with candidates, committees, and letter writers goes unsupported by primarily HR-focused business systems
  • what prevents schools from using conventional enterprise technologies to manage the most significant faculty professional reviews (e.g. tenure)
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