Jason Robinson

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Jason Robinson brings a proven track record of go-to-market strategy design and execution, having delivered predictable growth across all revenue generation and management functions across his career. Jason has scaled publicly-traded and venture-backed SaaS subscription businesses for 20 years.

Prior to joining Interfolio, Jason held a number of commercial leadership roles including Vice President of Sales at Collibra, where he was part of the leadership team which scaled revenues from $15M to $150M, and CEB (now Gartner), where he led the commercial teams who took The Challenger Sale to market, growing that business unit to over $100M in revenue. 

Jason has been fortunate to have worked with highly talented teams in Washington DC, New York, Toronto, Singapore, and London (where he led the launch of European and Asian based businesses). His current teams are global in scope, headquartered in Washington DC and Cambridge, United Kingdom.

At Interfolio, Jason leads the organizations responsible for delivering revenue growth across all channels and markets. He is passionate about the success of Interfolio’s clients and dedicated to driving sustainable growth for the organization.

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