Interfolio for Academic Hiring

Interfolio for Academic Hiring

Academic staff-oriented platform for recruitment

Make recruitment at your school more transparent, equitable, and efficient.

Interfolio offers a simple, secure platform that makes workflows and collaboration around recruitment more effective and productive. Built for shared governance, Interfolio is mindful of the academic work cycle and intuitive for committee members.


With practical tools for review and organisation, Interfolio enables your search committees to spend their time evaluating excellent candidates and their work, instead of eating up time just accessing files and keeping track of notes.


With Interfolio as your dedicated recruitment system, your administrative staff gain operational efficiency and usable tools for organisation, communication, and reporting. They can focus on giving academic staff the assistance they need.


If you use Interfolio for your academic searches, you’ll collect protected demographic data relevant to your equal opportunity policy on 100% of applicants through the system, and enable authorised users to study it before, during, and after searches. It’s a practical tool to turn diversity commitments into reality.


Interfolio gives you a tangible system to ensure all the academic units at your institution are using consistent language, criteria, forms, and procedures where required. Spot disparities in process, base policies on strong evidence, and keep committees accountable.


Interfolio makes assembling and submitting an academic application clear and easy for the applicant, including the process of requesting and attaching confidential letters—signaling to competitive scholars (and their letter writers) that you care about their needs from minute one.


If your institution partners with Interfolio to manage recruitment, all users—from applicants to administrative staff—have access to a publicly accessible customer and technical support team via phone and email.

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