Interfolio for Review & Promotion

Interfolio for Review & Promotion

A platform for scholarly reviews

Manage academic review and promotion with one scholar-oriented platform.

Interfolio offers an online platform for carrying out formal academic reviews, such as promotion and periodic evaluation. Built for shared governance, Interfolio is mindful of the academic work cycle and intuitive for committee members. Fundamental to the success of the online review process is clarity and usability for each academic staff member. A growing set of features allows scholars at your institution to connect information in their Interfolio review case with their personal Interfolio Dossier for continuity throughout their careers.


When academic reviews happen through Interfolio, your school’s committees are significantly better equipped to get down to business reviewing candidates and playing their role in shared governance—instead of spending a ton of time just accessing materials and taking notes.


With Interfolio, you give every candidate an easy and clear tool to assemble, label, arrange, and submit their formal packet—keeping the review process professional and standardised, and ensur-ing all academic staff have an equitable means to present themselves.


Managing academic staff reviews through Interfolio gives you a concrete way to ensure—and document—that only the right materials are available to the right people at the right times, with detailed workflows and user permission controls.


If your school’s formal academic reviews proceed through Interfolio, you can enforce standard pathways, requirements, and language for defined types of reviews across the entire institution, and save your administrative staff significant setup work every academic year.


When a school adopts Interfolio, academic leaders gain a central campus-wide system of record for review, reappointment, and promotion cases, and an accessible interface for generating reports of that data.


If your institution partners with Interfolio to manage recruitment, all users—from applicants to administrative staff—have access to a publicly accessible customer and technical support team via phone and email.

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