Resources for Interfolio in the United Kingdom

Resources for Download

Want to learn more about why we focus so squarely on the needs and work of academic staff, or how other universities have improved their academic staff processes with Interfolio? Have a look at some of our white papers and case studies.


Want to know about the context and theory of our approach to academic technology? Have a look at our white papers.

Research: Institutional Blindspots

A free white paper documenting the costs of allowing the professional service responsibilities of academic staff in higher education to go unsupported and unstudied.

Research: Five Gaps

A free white paper examining five areas in which conventional human resources-oriented software routinely fails academic staff recruitment committees.

Research: Academic Buy-In

A free white paper about how universities can inspire academic staff engagement with academic activity reporting, academic hiring, and academic workflows.

Case studies

Want to learn more about how we have helped real universities to manage data and workflows about their academic staff? Have a look at our case studies.

Case Studies: London Business School

A client since 2013, London Business School has significantly improved their academic staff recruitment, promotion, and review processes with the help of Interfolio.

Case Studies: San Diego State University (SDSU)

Since adopting Interfolio, SDSU has taken advantage of its flexibility and usability to keep its practices around academic staff transparent and equitable.

Case Studies: The University of Notre Dame

Using Interfolio for academic staff hiring, the University of Notre Dame has created equitable standards and leveraged new visibility into data.

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