How to Choose an Online System for Faculty Review, Promotion, and Tenure

More and more higher education institutions worldwide are recognizing the massive benefits to be gained from taking faculty professional evaluations online.

But how can you choose a solution that faculty actually embrace, that empowers your professional staff, and that works both right away and in the long term?

This free guide from Interfolio provides a wealth of concrete information about what to look for—both in terms of features and services—when choosing an online platform for academic professional reviews.

Making the switch

For those considering moving to a new platform for faculty professional evaluations, this free guide from Interfolio answers questions like:

  • What functional features should we look for in a digital faculty evaluations platform?
  • How should the platform connect faculty activity data with professional evaluation processes? 
  • What essential services should we expect from our faculty evaluations technology partner?
Download the guide:

For higher education CIOs, empowering university leaders with technology that maximizes resources can pose great challenges—and represents a huge opportunity.

How can academic technology leaders transform college and university outcomes—nearly all of which stem from faculty work—with a cost-effective, integrated, and comprehensive platform that’s faculty-focused and proven to perform?

And how should your faculty information system fit into the increasingly recognized postmodern ERP model?

This free white paper demonstrates the significant impact that a future-looking CIO can make on academic enterprise resource planning by adopting the Interfolio Faculty Information System.

Why the postmodern ERP?

Moving beyond the traditional, transactional approach to separate information systems, the postmodern ERP model empowers the university to achieve the strategic goals that its leaders truly value, via:

  • Outcome-based orientation of the system
  • Impressive speed to adoption
  • Reduced deployment costs
  • Extensible integration across institutional data sets

Of the more than $5 billion spent on technology by higher education institutions, almost none goes directly to support the sector’s most central and valuable resource—the faculty.

Imagine then, a “faculty-first” approach to your faculty information system that revolutionizes your university’s ERP approach with:

  • “Light and lean” cloud-based implementation
  • Exceptionally user-friendly design for faculty, staff, and administration
  • Direct relevance to constituent success (actually benefiting both faculty and administrative users)
Download the white paper:

Get the free white paper today to understand how Interfolio can help you transform your faculty information system—and your ERP model—from a collection of features to the outcomes you’re really after.