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Interfolio maintains a library of a wide range of academic resources online about decisions by and about the careers of faculty in higher education. The premier provider of committee technology, activity reporting, and other faculty resources, Interfolio regularly publishes white papers and case studies about our work with colleges, universities, collecting bodies, and other professional organizations affiliated with higher education. Among the multimedia higher education resources included in our library here are recordings of our free webinars, which we regularly offer as administrative and faculty resources both for existing clients and for others who are interested in how technology built for committees and activity reporting could support their institution. In general, visitors will find mentions of these monthly webinars on the Interfolio blog, along with discussions of recent improvements in our products, new features, and more widely circulated higher education resources such as the periodic conferences we attend. The blog is really the place to go to find what’s on Interfolio’s mind, as well as company news and a variety of internal and external resources for higher education professionals. Another example of the faculty resources Interfolio offers—this one for existing clients—is our online Help Center, filled with articles, screenshots, and step-by-step instructions for all user roles that come into contact with our products. The full Help Center, with its particular suite of higher education resources, is accessible through one’s personal Interfolio account—where it addresses the perspectives of many of our frequent users, including applicants to medical programs, graduate students, scholars on the job market, and others seeking additional academic resources online to assist in their search. For example, in the case of medical school, our Help Center links out to instructions from AAMC, AACOM, ADEA, and a similarly wide variety of higher education resources relevant to those particular users.