Lifecycle Management

Transformational transparency into the faculty body—at every stage of their career.

Four Common Challenges Solved

Interfolio Lifecycle Management provides provosts, deans, faculty affairs, and other higher education leadership a dedicated, central database to look up the institution’s faculty members and academic employees, including their title, rank, status, workload and key dates during their time at the institution.

Keep track of the specific employment commitments your institution has made to each faculty member, regardless of full-time/part-time status—including workload allocation, spousal hires, sabbatical discussions, and similar, hard-to-track-down information.

Visualize the professional journey and timeline expected for each type of academic employee. Consult any individual faculty member’s current profile to understand how their expected pathway may vary from the standard progression.

Forecast and proactively manage academic personnel milestones, including appointment, annual review, tenure, promotion, sabbatical or travel leave, and more. Be prepared for financial and other resourcing implications of faculty availability.

Product Features


Complete and accurate roster of faculty, sortable by key fields such as unit, rank, and upcoming event type


Individual view of each faculty member, showing all appointments, contract details, and past/future reviews


Visual representation of all events involved in each scholar’s lifecycle—tracking standard models against individual realities


Aggregate counts of all completed, current, and upcoming academic review processes


Intentional fields for workload allocation, qualifications, salary range per rank, and other policies buried in faculty handbooks


Engine to generate and record email correspondence with faculty members about professional advancement

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Interfolio Lifecycle Management built for part-time faculty as well as full-time?

Definitely. Interfolio Lifecycle Management intentionally accommodates all faculty career pathways, including full-time tenure-track, full-time non-tenure-track, clinical, research, teaching, adjunct, lecturer, and any other academic employment model your institution may offer.

Is Interfolio Lifecycle Management built to handle faculty members with multiple appointments?

Yes. We know that many academic institutions employ a number of scholars who participate in multiple disciplines or hold multiple roles. Multiple appointments is an essential scenario to account for in understanding and supporting your faculty body.

Does Interfolio Lifecycle Management connect to other Interfolio modules?

Several specific functional connections are on the short-term roadmap. Interfolio Lifecycle Management will soon serve not only as a standalone hub for your faculty appointments and timelines, but also as a central switchboard for academic processes involving the other Interfolio modules for hiring, for activity reporting, and for formal academic workflows.

Who uses Interfolio Lifecycle Management at my college or university? Who benefits from it?

Most directly, it’s those in the chief academic administration—including the provost, college or school deans, and faculty affairs.

Beyond those who directly use the module, all faculty members, departments, and the university human resources office benefit directly from your institution adopting Interfolio Lifecycle Management.

Why? At most academic institutions today, there is no consolidated, central system that records the most salient information about all academic employment at the institution. Consequently, everyone who must interact with or rely upon information about faculty employment is inhibited in their ability to meaningfully support this fundamental group of the institution’s employees.

Interfolio Lifecycle Management fills that gap.

Faculty Information System

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