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Founded in 1999, Interfolio operates the first-ever Faculty Information System for higher education institutions, the widely used Dossier product for individual scholars, and the Researchfish impact assessment platform for funders and research organizations.

Having served millions of academics over more than twenty years, Interfolio believes that scholars are the group most central to the success of higher education. Whether serving as researchers, instructors, clinical practitioners, administrators, or other roles, faculty are the core of the academic mission. They constitute a critical and unique force that needs its own resources.

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For this reason, Interfolio is on a mission to empower the global academic community to fully support and understand scholars’ journeys. From the job market and the hiring process, to appointment and journey management, to activity and funding data, to professional review and advancement, to aggregate impact analysis, what sets Interfolio apart is our focus on the complete picture of the scholar, empowering each scholar to tell their own story through our platform.

Today over 500 higher education institutions, research funders, and academic organizations based in 15 countries—and over 700,000 active scholars on the job market—use Interfolio’s technology. 

Interfolio has headquarters in Washington, DC, USA and in Cambridge, England, UK

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