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Serving Academics and Global Higher Education Since 1999

First Interfolio Dossier account created



Faculty180 created by Data180 (later to join Interfolio)

e-Val by Researchfish (later to join Interfolio) begins at UK MRC

The United Kingdom’s Medical Research Council (MRC) launched a new service called e-Val to assist with MRC data gathering, research tracking, and measurement of grant impacts.



Interfolio unveils their ByCommittee™ solution and launches first module, Interfolio Faculty Search. 

Researchfish impact assessment platform launches

First global client uses Interfolio Faculty Search (London Business School)



Interfolio continues to expand ByCommittee™ solution launching first ever Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure module.

Data180 joins Interfolio, adding Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) to the platform

Researchfish holds first Strategy of Impact conference



Interfolio announces first Faculty Information System in higher education

Interfolio turns 20, holds first Interfolio Summit

Researchfish joins Interfolio

Interfolio Lifecycle Management launches



Interfolio announces partnership with Dimensions (Digital Science), becoming first to use vendor API

400+ institutions/organizations are using Interfolio and Researchfish technology

800,000+ individuals with active Dossier accounts

Interfolio Data Service launches

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